Does your company also want to collaborate with Aron?

Many of Aron’s adventures wouldn’t be possible without strong support from his partners. And we need you! Does your business also want to work with Aron or do you have ideas for future collaboration? Please contact us.

KIVRA is a service for secure digital mail from businesses and government agencies. Hundreds of thousands of people in Sweden use Kivra and the number of companies and agencies that are switching to digital mail is now growing rapidly.

Kivra and Aron build their partnership on the common values to do what you’re good at, to challenge and do good on the way. Kivra supports Aron in his efforts and together we have set the goal of raising 1 million crowns to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation; for every person who signs up at, Kivra donates 20 crowns to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

BAUHAUS is a home improvement store that offers everything from drills to plants, plumbing and paint under the same roof for DIY projects as well as professional contractors. BAUHAUS is also a partner of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and has contributed almost 10 million crowns to its vital mission. One of the activities was the popular “Run for Life,” where the company donated money every time an employee exercised – which not only collected several hundreds of thousands crowns, but also contributed to better health among employees.

The cooperation with Aron Anderson is a natural extension of BAUHAUS’s work with the Childhood Cancer Foundation. In June 2015, the cooperation was kicked off as BAUHAUS donated more than 240,000 along with Aron during the Stockholm Marathon. We look forward to many more fun activities for our common goal – to eradicate childhood cancer.”

Ford is one of the leading companies in the car industry. The company sells its products and services in more than 200 stores all around Sweden. Around 45 coworkers work in the head office, which is located in Stockholm. Their vision is to become the world’s leading provider of automobile products and services.

Ford is a large, global family with a proud heritage who work with a great passion towards being able to offer outstanding products and services. They always strive to do what’s right for their coworkers, the environment, the society and their customers.

Resurs Bank is a fast-growing Swedish boutique bank with offices in Norway, Finland and Denmark, which operates in retail finance (customer financing in-store/e-commerce), consumer lending, credit cards, savings and factoring. For the retail finance business area, we are the market leader in Sweden with a total of 1,200 connected chains with about 35,000 outlets.

We have followed Aron for a long time and feel that his attitude and desire to constantly reach new goals are completely in line with our values. Aron is constantly developing, has the desire to succeed, the courage to dare and the stamina to reach the goal – which form the essence of our values.

ICA is Sweden’s leading grocery operator. With more than 1,300 stores, ICA is the leading grocery operator in Sweden. Operations are conducted in cooperation with independent ICA grocers, each of which owns and operates their own stores, and can thus meet the customers by locally adapted concepts and offers.

Community involvement and sponsorship

One of ICA’s main goals is to be a positive force in the community, throughout the country, all year round. We do this, among other things, through our core activity food and meals. It also means that our sponsorships are focused on health, food and exercise as well as social responsibility and equality.

ICA’s cooperation with Aron Andersson goes hand in hand with the ICA Klassikern and also our long-term collaboration with the Swedish Cancer Society. Along with Lidingöloppet and the Cancer Society, ICA launched the Rosa Bandet race to support vital cancer research. Aron performed strongly in Lidingöloppet 30 km wheelchair to draw attention to the new race. ICA is proud to continue to spread this important message together with Aron and to engage more ambassadors for cancer research. We look forward to more exciting activities and objectives together with Aron!

Adecco is the world’s largest recruitment and staffing company with operations in 60 countries worldwide. In Sweden, Adecco has offices in some sixty locations with over 4,500 consultants working. To Adecco, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about making a long-term positive contribution in an integrated way to the communities where we operate. Every day we help hundreds of thousands of people around the world to find work and build their careers – which is central to personal and social well-being. To us, it’s important to support organizations in their work for a better world. Sponsorship is part of our approach to active social responsibility. Our sponsorship activities in Sweden extends over three areas; activities or organizations of socio-humanitarian nature, sports and cultural events and activities.

The collaboration with Adecco includes, among other things, a speaking tour with Aron and Danijela Rundqvist (winner of Mästarnas Mästare 2015) for Adecco’s clients and consultants in 10 locations all over Sweden in the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016. Adecco will also have the opportunity to follow Aron’s adventure blog. Aron will initiate and lead wellness initiatives that Adecco will perform with its staff. During their joint project, Adecco and Aron Anderson will also continue the CSR engagement that’s previously been carried out separately. Aron with his commitment to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation and Adecco for Young Cancer, BRIS and Plan Sweden as well as its own global CSR project Win4Youth.

Movestic Liv & Pension is an insurance company that, among other things, offers personal insurance plans. An example is Movestic Critical Illness which aims to ameliorate the financial impact the onset of a critical illness may cause. When a child is impacted by cancer, the whole family is affected. To help these families and to fight childhood cancer in the future, Movestic has started a cooperation with Aron Anderson.

The cooperation with Aron Anderson is part of Movestic’s long-term sustainability work and is also in line with our focus on good health among our employees. As part of Team Aron’s fundraising, we raised a quarter of a million crowns for the Childhood Cancer Foundation in 2015. We are now aiming forward, with the goal of having raised a total of half a million crowns before the end of 2016!

Proud ambassador for…

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to raise money to fund research and provide cancer-affected children and families with the support and help they need. Aron Anderson champions our efforts and participates in the Childhood Cancer Foundation’s  activities, including as speaker and by raising money for research through sporting events.

“For many years, Aron has been one of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s most active and visible ambassadors. Through Aron’s efforts and our own fundraising, the Childhood Cancer Foundation has been able to raise large sums used for helping more children survive cancer. Aron wholeheartedly shares the Childhood Cancer Foundation’s values ​​and, like us, wants to advance research and treatment of children with cancer,” says Per Leander, Director of the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation’s vision is to eradicate childhood cancer. After having worked for over 30 years for more children to survive, today, about 80 percent of them do. As late as the 1970s, the situation was the reversed. The Childhood Cancer Foundation is the largest single source of funding for childhood cancer research in Sweden – without any contributions from the government, municipalities or counties. This is only possible thanks to the generous contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations.

LidingöRuset and LidingöRullet 

Lidingöloppet is the world’s largest cross-country run with races for all. Lidingöloppet was founded in 1965 and has been taking place every year since. Ever since the first race in 1965, Lidingöloppet has motivated both young and old to walk, jog and run. Over the years, Lidingöloppet has, with the assistance of all participating runners, developed into more than just a 30km race – now, there’s something for everyone in the family.

“Aron is a great inspiration to everyone, with or without a wheelchair. Having Aron on our team means a lot to the development and the cool experience of LidingöRullet and LidingöRuset but also the entire Lidingöloppet weekend. All this thanks to Aron’s knowledge and commitment,” says Tomas Hoszek, Secretary-General of Lidingöloppet. 

“Our cooperation with Aron is natural to Lidingöloppet, since we want to create an experience for everyone. He’s an ambassador for LidingöRullet and LidingöRuset (races for those who have some form of disability and/or use some form of rolling aids). Aron is present during the Lidingöloppet weekend in ‘Arons backe’ which is named after him and he peps all participants in LidingöRullet. He’s also there to present prizes and as a participant of Lidingöloppet 30. Aron also gives talks for our partners and has been serving as coach during the public health seminar Folk i Rörelse at Bosön.”