The race in Lisbon was really tough! It started of in decent speed and then after about one k it picked up a bit in speed to between 30-35km/h. For the fist few k I felt great and I had no trouble at all keeping up with the pack in the fast speeds.  Then after about 4.5k it started hurting a bit more but I was still ok. Then at around 5.5k we run over some tram tracks and which split up the pack a bit because of a simultaneous attack in the fron of the pack. I then lost a few meters on the guy in front of me and when I did so I could instantly feel the strong headwind hitting me causing me to slow down even more. With the strong winds the rest of the race was really tough to do by myself but what I have to take with me from this race is the really good first 5k.  At the finish I came in as number eight which is the place that I was expecting beforehand and the time was 48:44 which is slower then I had hoped for. I have to say the strong winds made a big difference to the time, which I’m now happy with anyway.

This was my first time on road for this season, which was a great feeling to finally be outside again. Now I know that I have the speeds in me and that I just have to keep working hard and this should be a good season.