Hi everyone and welcome to my new site. Finally I have this site up and running. My plan is to update this blog as often and post news and info about whats going on in my life right now. 

Tomorrow morning I’m taking an early flight to Lisbon to do the Lisbon half marathon. The race is on sunday at 10:00 and it will be my first race for the season. It feels really exciting to finally get to race again. During the winter I feel that I have put on quiet a bit of muscle that should help me push a good race on sunday. The last month of training has been going really great so considering that it should be a great race. The last half marathon I did was the great north run 2007 in Newcastle where I managed to do a time of  47 min so this time I’m hoping to do around 45 min.

Time to do the last  bit of packing now and then off to bed.